会合は先月あった Sentence
The meeting was last month

長い距離を歩いて疲れ果てた Sentence
I exhausted myself by walking a long distance

この肉は簡単に切れる Sentence
This meat cuts easily

勉強は好きじゃない Sentence
I don't like studying

薬が効いた Sentence
The medicine has worked

この市には多くの映画館がある Sentence
There are many movie theaters in this city

食べ物はたっぷりある Sentence
There is plenty of food

飲み物は無料ですか Sentence
Are drinks free?

火事の場合、階段を使いなさい Sentence
In case of fire, use the stairs

その車はなかなか新しい Sentence
That car is very new

私は、この暑い天気に嫌気が差しています Sentence
I am sick of this hot weather

お元気ですか Sentence
How are you?

芝生の上に横になる Sentence
I lie on the lawn

家の横は青い色です Sentence
The sides of the house is blue

ボタンに触れるな Sentence
Do not touch that button

七つの海って何ですか Sentence
What are the seven seas?

鼻が詰まった Sentence
My nose is stuffed up

彼はとても危ない人だ Sentence
He is a very dangerous person

鍵を右に回しなさい Sentence
Turn the key to the right

お父さんは台所ですか Sentence
Is father in the kitchen?

地球は丸い Sentence
The earth is round

切符持ってますか Sentence
Do you have a ticket?

そして彼女は戸を引いて開けた Sentence
And she pulled the door open

失礼します Sentence
Excuse me

この机は私にはちょっと低い Sentence
This desk is somewhat low for me

どの歯が痛むのですか Sentence
Which tooth hurts?

それを半分に切りなさい Sentence
Cut that in half

この教室はとても大きい Sentence
This classroom is very big

ここで印鑑を押して下さい Sentence
Please put your seal here

お礼の言葉もありません Sentence
I have no words to thank you

バスに乗りなさい Sentence
Take a bus

来月休暇を取ります Sentence
I'll be taking a vacation next month

普通のお弁当にしてね Sentence
Make a normal packed lunch, ok?

ちょっと休みたい Sentence
I feel like taking a rest

ちょっと、待ってよ! Sentence
Hey, Wait!

あなたが女の子だからよ Sentence
That is because you're a girl

日本は初めてですか Sentence
Is this your first time in Japan?

今は昼の四時半だよ Sentence
It is half past four in the afternoon

彼女はよく働く Sentence
She works hard

どうぞ後ろに下がってください Sentence
Stand back, please

私は彼女が皿を洗うのを手伝った Sentence
I helped her wash dishes

そこに八つの鉛筆があった Sentence
There were eight pencils there

いつ生まれましたか Sentence
When were you born?

タクシーを呼んで下さい Sentence
Please call a taxi for me

今日は少しでも練習しましたか Sentence
Have you practiced any today?

私の兄はギターを弾く Sentence
My brother plays the guitar

私のそばに座りなさい Sentence
Sit beside me

今日は涼しいです Sentence
It is cool today

昨夜、地震があった Sentence
There was an earthquake last night

私は彼女の住所を思い出せない Sentence
I can't remember her address

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