絵を描くのが趣味です Sentence
My hobby is drawing paintings

お入りください Sentence
Come in

こちらがあなたの鍵だ Sentence
This is your key

このチョコレートは甘い Sentence
This chocolate is sweet

何がそこにありますか Sentence
What is over there?

来年もまた集まりましょう Sentence
Let's go together again next year

思ったよりも易しい Sentence
It is easier than I thought

説明は要りません Sentence
I don't need an explanation

どうか戸を閉めてください Sentence
Please close the door

弟のです Sentence
It belongs to my younger brother

夏休みはどうだった Sentence
How was your summer vacation?

彼は玉を取った Sentence
He got the ball

私はどちらも好きです Sentence
I like both

傘を置き忘れた Sentence
I left an umbrella behind

それは先週買いました Sentence
I bought that last week

火曜日はお暇ですか Sentence
Are you free on tuesday?

ここから遠いのか Sentence
Is it far from here?

お父さんは医者です Sentence
My father is a doctor

どう違うのだ Sentence
What is the difference?

出口はどちらですか Sentence
Where is the exit?

彼女はとてもかわいい女子です Sentence
She is a very cute girl

今朝、何をしましたか Sentence
What did you do this morning?

どうして、こんなに暑いのですか Sentence
Why is it so hot?

その少年は箸で食べてみた Sentence
That boy tried eating with chopsticks

質問に答えなさい Sentence
Answer the question

カバンを開けてください Sentence
Please open the bag

そちらの天気はいいですか Sentence
Is the weather good over there?

あさってに来てください Sentence
Please come the day after tomorrow

ここに座ってよろしい Sentence
You may sit here

朝コーヒーを飲む Sentence
I drink coffee in the morning

費用は最低一万円です Sentence
It costs at least 10000 yen

門を閉める時間だ Sentence
It is time to close the gate

お母さん、急いでよ Sentence
Mom, hurry

あの人は死んだ Sentence
That person died

どれがあなたの荷物ですか Sentence
Which is your luggage?

あなたはどっちを使いますか Sentence
Which one are you going to use?

私は立てない Sentence
I can't stand up

たぶん大丈夫だ Sentence
It is probably OK

家族は四人です Sentence
We are a family of four people

どんなスポーツが好きですか Sentence
What sports do you like?

あの巨大な建物は何ですか Sentence
What is that huge building?

彼女は外国人と結婚している Sentence
She is married to a foreigner

砂糖は入れないの Sentence
No sugar for you?

私はお風呂に入っているんだ Sentence
I'm taking a bath

僕は牛乳がだめだ Sentence
I can't drink milk

もう暗いです Sentence
It is already dark

一台の車が入り口に止まった Sentence
A car stopped at the entrance

彼は世界記録を破った Sentence
He broke the world record

彼は石を池に投げた Sentence
He threw a stone in the pond

その自動車は電気で動く Sentence
That automobile runs on electricity

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