郵便局はその茶色の建物だ Sentence
The postoffice is the brown building

鳥は長距離を飛ぶ Sentence
Birds fly long distances

玄関のベルが鳴っている Sentence
The doorbell is ringing

猛烈な暑さだ Sentence
The heat is intense

塩をこちらに頂戴 Sentence
Pass the salt please

部屋の掃除をしなさい Sentence
You must clean your room

椅子の下にあります Sentence
It is under the chair

彼はその辞書を使った Sentence
He used the dictionary

毎週釣りに行く Sentence
Every week he goes fishing

彼は耳が鋭い Sentence
He has sharp hearing

犬は病気みたい Sentence
The dog seems sick

寿司が嫌いです Sentence
I hate sushi

このお菓子を食べてもいいですか Sentence
May I eat this candy?

私はラジオを消した Sentence
I turned off the radio

彼は黄色いあの家に住んでいる Sentence
He lives in a yellow house

そのコップを落とすな Sentence
Don't drop that glass

お兄さんは車の運転が出来ますか Sentence
Can your brother drive a car?

コーヒー三つお願いします Sentence
Three coffee please

テーブルには四つの脚がある Sentence
A table has four legs

女の人は奇麗です Sentence
Woman are pretty

これらはあなたの物ですか Sentence
Are these your things?

明日の夜はどうですか Sentence
How about tomorrow night?

コンピューターは彼女の左にある Sentence
The computer is to her left

口で言うのは簡単だ Sentence
It is easy to talk

子供たちはおもちゃで遊ぶ Sentence
Children play with toys

庭を荒らしたのは誰だ? Sentence
Who destroyed the garden?

番号をお間違えです Sentence
You've got the wrong number

紙はすぐに燃える Sentence
Paper burns easily

このドレスはいくらですか Sentence
How much is this dress

夜のとばりが下りつつある Sentence
Darkness is falling

私は四階までエレベーターで行った Sentence
I took the elevator to the fourth floor

私はエレベーターで下におりた Sentence
I went down by elevator

そのかばんを階上に運びなさい Sentence
Carry the bags upstairs

財布をなくしたの Sentence
I've lost my wallet

トイレが近いのですか Sentence
Is there a toilet near here?

例を一つ示してください Sentence
show me one example

毎年、日本には台風が上陸します Sentence
Typhoons hit Japan every year

足元に気をつけて Sentence
Watch your step

彼はもう若くない Sentence
He is not young anymore

彼は英語を教える Sentence
He teaches english

彼女は彼に毎晩電話する Sentence
She calls him every night

この家には部屋が六つあります Sentence
This house has six rooms

彼女はケーキを五つに分けた Sentence
She divided the cake into five pieces

日は段々長くなる Sentence
Days are getting longer

着物は着ますか Sentence
Do you wear a kimono?

彼女が彼の現在の奥さんだ Sentence
She is his present wife

私は時々胃が痛む Sentence
I sometimes have pain in my stomach

彼は眼鏡を外した Sentence
He took off his glasses

彼女の作文には誤りが一つ有る Sentence
There is one mistake in her composition

この果物は不味い Sentence
This fruit has a bad taste

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