小さすぎます Sentence
It is too small

日本はカナダより小さい Sentence
Japan is smaller than Canada

橋は石造りだ Sentence
The bridge is made of stone

彼女はいつも忙しい Sentence
She is always busy

しかし、車は欲しい Sentence
However, I want a car

彼は運転が下手だ Sentence
He is a bad driver

一緒に来ますか Sentence
Are you coming with me?

いつ着くのか Sentence
When do we arrive

いつ行こうか Sentence
When shall we go?

この牛肉は柔らかい Sentence
This beef is tender

店は午前九時に開きます Sentence
The store opens at 9 am

テレビの音が煩いです Sentence
The television sound is loud

新しい自転車が必要だ Sentence
I need a new bicycle

電池は売っていますか Sentence
Do you sell batteries?

もうすぐ授業が再開する Sentence
Classes are starting again soon

バスでは時間がかかる Sentence
The bus will take time

秋には葉が散る Sentence
The leaves fall in autumn

それはどんな動物だ Sentence
What animal is it?

男の子はパンを食べます Sentence
The boy eats bread

はい、すぐに行きます Sentence
Yes, I'm coming

交差点で事故があった Sentence
There was an accident at the intersection

彼の靴は茶色だ Sentence
His shoes are brown

もっと大きな声で話しなさい Sentence
Please speak more loudly

この店に葉書がたくさんある Sentence
There are many postcards in this store

彼は葉書を送ります Sentence
He sent a postcard

それでは、天気予報の時間です Sentence
Now it is time for the weather forecast

彼は時々変です Sentence
He is strange sometimes

楽しい飛行機の旅を Sentence
Have a nice flight

この卵は新しい Sentence
This egg is fresh

まだ、決まっていません Sentence
I haven't decided yet

手を上げなさい Sentence
Raise your hand

手をよく洗いなさい Sentence
Wash your hands well

川はこの辺が深い Sentence
The river is deep here

しかしなぜ Sentence
But why?

夕食の時間だ Sentence
It is dinner time

お姉さんによろしくね Sentence
Say hello to your sister for me

どうぞ宜しくお願いします Sentence
Please treat me well

さくらです、初めまして Sentence
I'm sakura, Nice to meet you

火は消えた Sentence
The fire went out

ビールを二つ下さい Sentence
Two beers please

それから彼女は歩き始めた Sentence
After that she began to walk

図書館に行きましょう Sentence
Let's go to the library

十月に長崎へ行きました Sentence
I went to Nagasaki in october

四月に帰ります Sentence
I will return home in april

かき氷が土曜日に払いました Sentence
I paid for the Shaved Ice on saturday

四時に広島で鶏肉が食べましょう Sentence
Let's eat chicken in hiroshima at four

一月に試験を受ける予定です Sentence
I'm taking an exam in january

あまり時間がない Sentence
I don't have much time

休みたいですか Sentence
Do you want to rest?

野菜をたくさん食べなさい Sentence
Eat a lot of vegetables

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