悪い天気ではありませんでした Sentence
It was not bad weather

この本はきれいだ Sentence
This book is nice

あの人はいい人ではない Sentence
That person is not a good person

花はきれいだった Sentence
The flowers were pretty

勉強してから音楽を聞きます Sentence
After I study I listen to music.

私は良く猫と遊びました Sentence
I played with my cat often

太陽は西に沈む Sentence
The sun sets in the west

今日は風が強い Sentence
It is windy today

風が東に吹いています Sentence
The wind is blowing east

市内地図をください Sentence
I would like a map of the city

私は毎日歩きます Sentence
I walk every day

彼はテレビを見るのが好きだ Sentence
He likes watching TV

最近のニュースは何ですか Sentence
What is the latest news?

もうすぐ春です Sentence
It will be spring soon

次のページを見なさい Sentence
Look at the next page

私はよく旅行します Sentence
I often travel

私の足が弱い Sentence
My legs are weak

妹は足が長い Sentence
My sister has long legs

この先通行は禁止 Sentence
No passage this way

それはすごい話だ Sentence
That is an amazing story

では誰ですか Sentence
Then who?

でも、手紙を書いてよね Sentence
But you will write, right?

友達と買い物に行った Sentence
I went shopping with a friend

言葉に出来ない Sentence
I don't know how to say it

外国へ行きたい Sentence
I want to go abroad

二人部屋をお願ねがいします Sentence
I would like a twin room please

事故の為私たちは半時間遅れました Sentence
An accident delayed us for half an hour

それが全てです Sentence
That is all

彼は有名になった Sentence
He became famous

日本は富士山で有名です Sentence
Japan is famous for Mt. Fuji

二人部屋をお願いします Sentence
I would like a twin room please

京都には多くの大学ある Sentence
Kyoto has many universities

この窓は南向きだ Sentence
These windows look to the south

漢字を読むのは難しいです Sentence
It is difficult to read kanji

今度の土曜日はどうですか Sentence
How about next saturday?

昨日は木曜日だった Sentence
Yesterday was thursday

来週の水曜日に会いしましょう Sentence
I'll see you wednesday next week

私は地下鉄で学校に行く Sentence
I go to school by subway

彼はずっと忙しい Sentence
He has been busy

お酒を飲もうよ Sentence
Let's drink sake

仕事より家庭の方が大事だ Sentence
Family comes before work

冬の後に春が来る Sentence
Spring comes after winter

これは古いカメラだ Sentence
This is an old camera

大人だけこの映画が見える Sentence
Only adults can see this movie

このレストランのカレーは美味しいよ Sentence
The curry in this restaurant is delicious

コーヒーにも色々ある Sentence
There is also a variety of coffee

お金が欲しい Sentence
I want money

誕生日おめでとう Sentence
Happy birthday

北海道は本州の北にある Sentence
Hokkaido is to the north of Honshu

それを下に置きなさい Sentence
Put that down

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