We at Miageru think information should be free and available for everyone. That is why we encourage you to share the information you see on this site. We only ask for a clearly visible Source-link nearby the information you copied from Miageru. That way more people will discover this site and contribute to it.

What is allowed?

  • Placing a link to any part of this website
  • Quoting any text in the articles. This requires a link to the article you copied it from.
  • Creating a program or browser extension which displays information from Miageru. A link/button to Miageru must be clearly visible when information is shown.

What is not allowed?

  • Publishing information from this site without providing credits and a link to Miageru.
  • Making the link to Miageru (nearly) invisible. We ask you to make the link at least as visible as the information you used.