質問をどうぞ Sentence
Ask your question please

こちらは母です Sentence
This is my mother

頭が痛いな Sentence
I have a headache

この部屋は静かです Sentence
This room is quiet

角に銀行があります Sentence
There is a bank on the corner

どんな雑誌でも結構です Sentence
Any magazine will do

遺失物係はどこですか Sentence
Where is the lost and found?

日本の将棋には何種類の駒がありますか Sentence
How many different pieces are there in Japanese chess?

彼は乗馬が出来る Sentence
He can ride a horse.

この辺りは昔、田んぼだったんだよ Sentence
There used to be rice fields around here

牛が牧場で草を食べている Sentence
Cows are eating grass in the meadow

コーヒーショップはどこですか Sentence
Where is the coffee shop?

写真を撮ろう Sentence
Let's take a picture

君の写真を撮ってもいいですか Sentence
May I take your picture?

彼は会社の仲間です Sentence
He is a friend from work

今年は例年より雪が少ない Sentence
There is less snow than usual this year

何も問題はない Sentence
There is no problem

私は体を洗った Sentence
I washed myself

その町は人口が多い Sentence
That city has a large population

新聞をお先にどうぞ Sentence
May I have the newspaper after you please?

彼は正直な男だ Sentence
He is an honest man

イタリア料理が大好きです Sentence
I love italian food

我が家は便利なところにある Sentence
Our house is conveniently located

どういう意味ですか Sentence
What do you mean?

妹さんは元気ですか Sentence
How is your sister?

時間は一番大切です Sentence
Time is the most important thing

それらのりんごは大きいです Sentence
These apples are big

彼は庭木を一本切り倒した Sentence
He cut down one tree in his garden

この豚肉はとてもおいしいよ Sentence
This pork is very delicious

音楽や映画が好きですか Sentence
Do you like music and movies?

一人は嫌だ Sentence
I don't like being alone

それは何ですか Sentence
What is that?

本はどこにありますか Sentence
Where is the book?

どれがあなたの靴ですか Sentence
Which shoes are yours?

箱の中に何がありますか Sentence
What is in the box?

この本は高いです Sentence
This book is expensive

この部屋は広くないです Sentence
This room is not big

昨日、昼ご飯は高かったです Sentence
The lunch was expensive yesterday

きのう、昼ご飯は高くなかったです Sentence
The lunch was not expensive yesterday

この本は面白い Sentence
This book is interesting

そのへやは広くない Sentence
That room is not big

昨日は暖かかった Sentence
It was warm yesterday

昨日は寒くなかった Sentence
It was not cold yesterday

この本は高くて面白くないです Sentence
This book is expensive and not interesting

友達と楽しく遊びました Sentence
I had fun playing with my friends

これは高い本です Sentence
This is an expensive book

大きいのはいくらですか Sentence
How much is the large one?

このスカートはきれいです Sentence
This skirt is pretty

このスカートはきれいではありません Sentence
This skirt is not pretty

おばあさんはいい人でした Sentence
My grandmother was a good person

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