Sentence ending particle - な Grammar
for sure, for real

Particle - より Grammar

Particle - も - Also Grammar
also, in addition, too, as much as

Sentence ending particle - ね Grammar
tag question (isn't it? right? eh?)

Particle - の - Possessive Grammar
possessive particle

Particle - で - Place Grammar
at, in, on (place)

Particle - に/へ - Location Grammar
to (place, etc)

Copula - です Grammar
to be (copula)

Particle - を Grammar
Object marker

Particle - は Grammar
Topic marker

Particle - と - And Grammar
and, with, as

Particle - しか Grammar
(nothing) but

Particle - だけ Grammar
only, just

Particle - で - Using Grammar
by, with, using

Particle - で - Time Grammar
at, on

Particle - でも - Even Grammar

Particle - が - Subject Grammar
subject-marking particle

Conjunction - が - However Grammar
but, however

Sentence ending particle - か Grammar
question particle

Particle - か - Or Grammar

Particle - から - Since Grammar
from, since

Sentence ending particle - かしら Grammar
I wonder

Particle - くらい Grammar
approximately, about

Particle - まで Grammar
until, up to, even

Particle - のだ Grammar
the reason is

Sentence ending particle - よ Grammar
you know

Particle - や Grammar

Particle - に Grammar
in; at; on; to

Particle - って Grammar
speaking of

Sentence ending particle - の Grammar
sentence ending particle

Personal Pronoun - たち Grammar
Multiple people

Prefix - お/ご - Polite Marker Grammar
Increases the politeness of a vocab

Suffix - さん - Honorific Grammar
Respectful prefix to a name

Particle - つつ - While, -ing, Grammar
While or -ing

Combining Verbs - I ending Grammar
Combine multiple verbs

Conditional - と - Natural result Grammar
If Something, Then Result

Conditional - なら - Contextual Grammar
If Context, Then Result

Conditional - ば - Regular If Grammar
If Something, Then Result