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Learn Japanese easily and fast. Discover a big variety of fun practices to start or improve your Japanese language skills. The Miageru Learn Center also works great from your mobile browser (even offline!) so you can practice during any time of day at any place. Doing practices is the most effective way to learn a language. The Miageru Learn Center is completely free to use!

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  • Practices: Different practices focussing on different areas of the language (Audio, Quiz, Puzzles and more).
  • Reviews: A spaced repetition system to make sure you won't forget anything.
  • Freedom: Select the vocab, kanji and grammar you want to learn, focus on the practices which works best for you.
  • Personal: Keep track of your progress and plan ahead.
  • Complete: Covers multiple parts of the language and connects them together (Japanese Characters, Conjugation, Grammar, Sentences).
  • Responsive: Work on your Japanese from your Desktop, Tablet or Mobile phone.
  • Offline support: You can practice and do your reviews even without an internet connection.

The Learn Center is currently in beta

This means that we're still adding more practices and content. At this moment all JLPT N5 Vocab, Kanji and Grammar can be learned online using this website. Any suggestions, mistakes and questions can be send to us.

Currently the Learn Center can be used by people just starting with the Japanese Language, as well as people preparing for the JLPT N5 language test.

Our approach to learn Japanese

This is how we see learning Japanese from beginning to advanced. We focus on the important stuff to know which should be enough to read, hear, write and speak Japanese. We left out the uncommon and progress-slowing information (View what stuff we left out and why). We have specialized practices which cover almost every aspect of learning Japanese. We believe that practicing is the best way to learn a language.

Technical requirements

Some browsers will not support (some) features of the Learn center. We recommend the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer 10 (or higher).

Some practices requires Japanese input. Instructions how to enable Japanese input on your computer, phone or tablet are inside the learn center.