Learn: Stuff we left out

To speed up your Japanese learning course, we decide to leave out some of the Japanese language elements. We don't think they are necessary to be able to understand and speak Japanese. Learning them will improve your Japanese language knowledge and will definitely help you, It will also increase the time you will spend learning!

What stuff did we leave out and why?

  • Radicals

    Kanji is made up from all kinds of Radicals.

    Why? Radicals are often drawn differently and may confuse you. They also haven't got a meaning of themselves and giving them a made-up meaning would also be confusing. We have multiple tools to learn to recognize kanji as 1 character and ways to tell them apart from other similar kanji.

  • Kanji Readings

    A kanji itself can be pronounced too (on multiple ways).

    Why? In Japanese you'll use the vocab and not Kanji readings to say a word. Some vocab follow the Kanji readings, Some vocab have exceptions and some kanji have exceptions. It is confusing and slows you down. We don't think the pro's of this (Being able to pronounce a vocab without knowing it, sometimes) is worth the cons at the beginning of your Japanese learning course.